What We Do

We can help you in many different ways:

1.  We listen.

    • Sometimes you just need to talk to someone about your house options.  Feel free to email or call us.

2.  We can buy your home.

    • Yes, we can work out a program with you to buy your home.
    • This can take away the burden and stress of any financial problems you might be having, or see coming.
    • We can pay you cash.  It is quick, simple, safe.
    • You won’t incur realtor fees (6-7% of your sales price – ouch).
    • You won’t have to make ANY repairs (time, safety, expense all gone).
    • You don’t even need to clean your house (when selling through a realtor, you have to keep it immaculately clean EVERY day in case someone wants to walk through).

3.  We can find a buyer for your house.

    • We are not realtors, so we don’t charge you 6-7%.
    • This is a free service to you, we incur the cost.
    • Again, no cleaning, repairs, fees, etc…  No cost to you.

4.  We can rent a house to you.

    • We can take you from a mortgage into a rental house.
    • This can be much more affordable and realistic.
    • You will be building your credit back as we report to the credit agencies.
    • We could possibly even rent your house back to you.  If the circumstances are right, and you are committed to fixing your financial situation this is a possibility.

5.  We can help others in your neighborhood, family, or network of friends.

    • Family is the most important thing to us.  We  make the process easy, and non-embarrassing.
    • If you see a friend in trouble, shouldn’t you try and help?  Of course.
    • Foreclosures in your neighborhood and damage your property value and you ability to sell for what you need to.
    • Empty house in your neighborhood?  Send the lead to us and possibly earn a finder fee if we purchase.

6.  We will never disrespect you.

    • We have a passion for ALL houses and all good people and would NEVER be so disrespectful to call your house “Ugly”.

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